How to convert Images to PANTONE in Photoshop

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  1. sunil AN says:

    Thanks a lot for cool trick, it really useful,
    Need one suggestion, can u please tell me how to convert pantone color to CMYK, i know one method by copy pantone swatch paste it to CMYK chennal, except this any other u know? please suggest.


    • dredmix says:

      You can convert the document mode colour back to CMYK in the Image > Mode menu

      You can still pick PANTONES in this mode, but they will be converted to CMYK once exported according to the settings you define.

  2. sunil AN says:


    I tried above method, you know what when i tried converting to duotone pantone color not shown in color channel panel.


    • dredmix says:

      Unfortunately they will not show in the Channel panel. If you want to edit the colours you need to go back to the Duotone menu. But once saved to PDF you will be able to see the PANTONES in the document.

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