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New channel Trailer / Video Intro 0

New channel Trailer / Video Intro

Finally the intro to my videos and also channel trailer is ready. Is a bit short but was the main point. Made in Cinema 4D and After Effects


YouTube copyright claims (Update 2)

I’m a supporter of rights and terms of fair use, since that’s what keeps the business going and generates the money for the companies to continue to produce and develop the products you buy....

DIY Outdoor Sofa 1

DIY Outdoor Sofa

I’m all in favor of DIY and building you own furniture is always cool and since summer is here, what about building your own outdoor sofa to chill out with your friends in the...

Arcade Block March Unboxing 0

Arcade Block March Unboxing

My Arcade Block Unboxing from March. Leave a comment if you like, dislike, or any other suggestion for my next unboxing. Also subscribe to my channel so you can be notified for my upcoming...