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Daily Design Inspiration 0

Daily Mix Inspiration #10

What about video games, they can be a source of inspiration as well. Check Bit Journey, a 8 bit style game by a small Brazilian dev team, full of action and with some good...


Retro Mix Tape Wallpaper

Someone asked me a while back if I could make my current Wallpaper available to download, so here it is. It’s available in multiple resolutions, at least the most common ones. Let know if...


Kung Fury

Who doesn’t love the 80’s, that time where car’s used to talk, help you travel in time, so you could ride an hover-board and fight the bad guys. I love the 80’s and all...


Retro Mix Tape Print plus Tee

If you don’t know what to put on that sexy body of yours, wait no more. T-shirts available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.


Apple Watch is a thing of the past

Forget any other smart watch you may have eared of. This is the one that you will want. Retro style. And why not build you own. The Instructables Member Aleator777 decided to create a nice...