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Daily Design Inspiration 0

Daily Mix Inspiration #26

Cool looking render of Smaug, there’s also a making of video of this creation done in Zbrush. You can find it here. Smaug II by synthesys


Retro Mix Tape Wallpaper

Someone asked me a while back if I could make my current Wallpaper available to download, so here it is. It’s available in multiple resolutions, at least the most common ones. Let know if...

Today last Minute Amazon Deals 0

Today last Minute Amazon Deals

As you all know amazon is rolling out some amazing sales until black Friday. So here’s some of the sales that caught my eye and I want to share with you. While this is...

How to convert Images to PANTONE in Photoshop 5

How to convert Images to PANTONE in Photoshop

This is probably one of the easiest ways to convert a color image into a single or multi color PANTONE. You may want to do this is if your planing to print a job...


Bits and Tricks #001

This is a new series of Articles that I going to start Posting on a weekly basis, it’s going to be all about Tips and tricks to improve your workflow like, shortcuts, how to’s...