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[Updated]What is like to play Pokémon GO and what you need to know

Pokémon Go was released yesterday in Australia and New Zealand, with a later on release in the US. But as of now, it’s not available for any other country.

The start is a great trough back to the original games with Prof. Willow (which according to my girlfriend and some of her friends is quite handsome XD ) giving the basic mechanics for the game. After the introduction tutorial you are greeted with the 3 main Pokémons from the original series. You can choose from Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle.

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Pokemon Go is a Go

Last year Niantic announced that  we work with The Pokemon Company, Nintendo and Game Freak to create a AR (Augmented Reality) game called Pokemon GO. This caught the attention of many people, including me....


Some facts about Super Mario

Mr Miyamoto is awesome, and what better way to announce the upcoming Mario Maker hinting the stores today that this tweet from Nintendo UK featuring Mr Miyamoto silently reveling some funny facts about The Super Mario...