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Doom fans not impressed by the open Beta

Over the weekend Doom has release an open Beta for the new Doom title, so that the fans could have a taste for what was coming. Unfortunately it left the players with a bit...

Minecon California 2016 0

Minecon 2016

Ditch your diaries! Prepare your payments! Construct your costumes! MINECON 2016 tickets will be on-sale soon! Woo! https://t.co/rTWAWTHfEY — Mojang (@Mojang) 18 April 2016 Yes, you read it right. Mojang just announced on their...


Ash’s room from Pokémon in Unreal

It’s been quite few recreations of good old gaming titles in the past, on the new Unreal Engine 4. I do not blame them, they do look stunning. Two of my favorites are The...


Let’s wrap 2015

2016 is here and 2015 is far gone, well not that far, but gone. So it’s time wrap things up, take a look on how thinks went last year and see where can I...

New channel Trailer / Video Intro 0

New channel Trailer / Video Intro

Finally the intro to my videos and also channel trailer is ready. Is a bit short but was the main point. Made in Cinema 4D and After Effects


Loot Crate Fallout 4 Edition

If your an hardcore fallout fan, your not going to miss this exclusive Fallout 4 Loot Crate Box. It will ship $150 of fallout goodies including a Vault 111 Hoodie and a Dog Meat plush....


Minecraft Vinyl Soundtrack

The composer behind Minecraft Soundtrack Daniel “C418” Rosenfeld finally released the complete soundtrack to the public. Despite the good news there’s also the bad news, the good news is that is available in vinyl or Digital which...