YouTube copyright claims (Update 2)

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  1. justfollowme37 says:

    YouTube needs to solve this copyright problem I upload the theme Times Are Changing by the late Jimmy Sabater and receive a copyright claim crediting the song to John Leguizamo my jaw drop to the floor more recently I upload Rumba Abierta by Voyager Series Jungle Drums and YouTube system credited the theme as Rumba Abierta to Conga Groove Band Orchard and Believe appear as the claimants Wrote to them no reply .Any advice? Thanks

    • dredmix says:

      Did you dispute the video? If so try to find who’s behind the claim and get a direct e-mail address that you can write to them. Sometimes the problem is that, it does take a few weeks for the claim to be solved and or the e-mail is not going anywhere. The auto content ID from Youtube doesn’t work that well to be honest. I found Believe Music website, see what you can find there. – there is a contact for Youtube issues.

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