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I’m Moving Home, I mean Hosting 0

I’m Moving Home, I mean Hosting

It’s been a while since I last posted anything really, to be more exact, one of my last posts was in July, it’s been 6 months. It’s a lot of time, I know. We...

Minecon California 2016 0

Minecon 2016

Ditch your diaries! Prepare your payments! Construct your costumes! MINECON 2016 tickets will be on-sale soon! Woo! — Mojang (@Mojang) 18 April 2016 Yes, you read it right. Mojang just announced on their...

New channel Trailer / Video Intro 0

New channel Trailer / Video Intro

Finally the intro to my videos and also channel trailer is ready. Is a bit short but was the main point. Made in Cinema 4D and After Effects



As some of you might notice I’m not been posting anything for the the last couple of weeks. And that is been due to several reasons, the main one, I don’t feel like writing...


YouTube copyright claims (Update 2)

I’m a supporter of rights and terms of fair use, since that’s what keeps the business going and generates the money for the companies to continue to produce and develop the products you buy....