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Bits and Tricks #001

This is a new series of Articles that I going to start Posting on a weekly basis, it’s going to be all about Tips and tricks to improve your workflow like, shortcuts, how to’s...


Hyper-Realistic Eyeball Painting Timelapse

Watch this amazing time-lapse of Oda & Kit King, a couple living in Canada sharing their process in this amazing video of a Hyper-Realistic Eyeball Painting. The detail that going into that painting is...

DIY Outdoor Sofa 1

DIY Outdoor Sofa

I’m all in favor of DIY and building you own furniture is always cool and since summer is here, what about building your own outdoor sofa to chill out with your friends in the...


Monday Inspiration #01

Because Monday doesn’t always needs to be bad. Here’s some inspiration hand-picked by me to inspire you trough out the week.